Buy address plate on the house and forget about the problem of finding your home

Residents of private houses, owners of cottages and commercial real estate in the neighborhoods with new and old buildings are familiar with the problem of identifying an address. The long-awaited guests, the new customers of the company have a long and confusing to explain how you can find the right home, office, warehouse, to describe their appearance. “You will reach the building with the green fence, turn right there, after 100 meters you will see a white house with a red roof, drive through it, turn left, you need the next house after the store” - it looks like this.

All this happens only because there is no simple information sign on the wall of the building with the name of the street and the house number. The sign on the house may even hang, but it is so old, worn, faded, that it can be very difficult to disassemble what is written on it. As a result, guests spend hours circling around the blocks, passing several times past your home. Clients are not so patient and simply refuse the services of a company that does not want to "go broke" and hang a bright, well-readable address tag on a house with light.

You can try to make a sign on the house with their own hands. To do this you will need:

Download some favorite address tag templates for your home.

Cut cardboard stencil signs on the house.

Buy material for the manufacture of plates. This may be a sheet of metal, aluminum, plastic, plain polished board, a piece of thick plywood.

Buy front paint, resistant to rain and fading.

Stencils carefully cut the shape of the plate from the selected material.

Prime the resulting blank, paint, carefully paint the street name and building number with paint.

As a result, you can get a very beautiful address plate on a house made of wood or any other material, or something completely unattractive and unsightly can come out. In any case, you will spend a lot of time, money and effort on making a simple sign on a house.

Making address plates of any shape, from any materials

We will make a beautiful sign with the house number of guaranteed high quality.

Together we will choose the design and shape of the plate that best matches the style of your home.

We offer a variety of materials for the base - from wood to metal.

Let's pick up an original, easily readable font.

Cover the plate with a reflective film.

If necessary, fix the plate on the wall of your house.

We make the most different types of address plates on the house:

  • Figured address plates on the house.
  • Mounted signs.
  • Relief signs with the house number.
  • Interior signs with inscriptions for the house.
  • Postage signs on the house.
  • Address plates on the house in retro style.
  • Plates signs on houses.

Plates "House under protection" "House of exemplary content" and many others.

The price of production of the plate depends on the base material, the complexity of the work and the size of the plate. Name these 3 parameters and we will calculate the cost of your plate.

Where and how to order a decorative plate on the house

You can order the address plate in any profile company, but only with us you can count on the best price offer and high quality products.

You can place your order directly in our Kiev office in Podol or on the website of our company. You can also send a message using any popular instant messenger: Viber, WhatsUp, Telegram to the number +38 (097) 001 10 07 or write to email: . Specify in the message the parameters of the plate, material, dimensions, and we will contact you in the near future to clarify the details of the order.

You can arrange delivery of purchases by New Mail on an advance payment (we will provide the details of Privat24) or by cash on delivery.

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Give your home, office a beautiful bright address plate, and let your guests and customers always find you from the first time.


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