Hungarian number plates in Ukraine: duplicates, indistinguishable from the original ones, in 5 minutes

If you bought a car with Hungarian number plates or came from Hungary to Ukraine with a business visit, you are at risk. Hungarian license plate is a tasty loot for intruders. The number plates are stolen, leaving a note demanding to transfer the n-th sum of money to the card for the redemption of registration marks. The car owner, as a rule, is left without money and without registration plates immediately after the transfer is completed.

Even the banal loss of a plate or damage to Hungarian license plates in a minor accident can be a real problem for the owner of a car with a foreign registration. Native autonomists are supplied with watermarks and a hologram sticker, so you can only restore the original Hungarian number plates in Hungary.

Riding without registration signs threatens with a fine, issued by a vigilant traffic police officer. Some prefer to order duplicate Hungarian plastic number plates. Yes, making such number plates is cheaper, but:

  • Plastic plates are short-lived.
  • In appearance, they are easy to distinguish from signs on an aluminum base (it is clear that they are fake).
  • Fines from the traffic police still can not be avoided. Such number plates do not correspond to GOST.
  • Have to wait 1-2 hours until they are made.
  • As in the case of transferring the amount to the criminal's card, this is money wasted.

Order a duplicate of the Hungarian Euros in advance and sleep well

If the fine from the traffic police can still be avoided by leaving the car in the parking lot, then problems with crossing the border will not work, because sooner or later you will have to return to Hungary. For lack of original license plates (even if good duplicates are installed) at customs you can be fined at least 300 euros. Therefore, do not wait until trouble knocks on the door. It is better to order Hungarian license plates in advance.

Duplicates will help you keep the original number plates and not be fined by traffic police. We make copies of Hungarian license plates, which correspond to GOST and practically do not differ from the original Hungarian license plates.

We use original fonts, unlike other companies selling duplicate foreign and Hungarian state number plates.

Alphabetic and digital stamps are extruded on an aluminum plate. Such Number plate will last much longer.

Through the use of thermal transfer printing, the image (letters and number plates) is resistant to abrasion.

We glue stickers with a hologram, the most similar to the original.

A duplicate Hungary car number will be ready in 5-7 minutes after payment is confirmed.

You can buy a Lithuanian number plate in our production office in Kiev, or place an order online by sending the alphanumeric registration plate number for Viber, WhatsUp, Telegram to +38 (097) 001 10 07 . The cost of manufacturing one plate - 300 UAH. When ordering a kit, you save 150 UAH. By buying two number plates for 450 UAH.

We have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses for the most active customers and regular partners.

Place your order right now and get 3% discount.

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In order not to have your original Hungarian number plates stolen, order duplicate registration plates. Do not postpone an important decision for later, then the solution of problems with the restoration of the Hungarian number plates will cost you a pretty penny.

Attention: This product is a souvenir product, which with its elements can imitate license plates, but is not them.
A souvenir number is not a replacement for a registration number with a motor vehicle and cannot be used instead.


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Production of Hungarian car license plates за 5 minutes


Order Hungarian number plates for car

The production time is 5 minutes!

We make numbers of all countries

Original font of 7 countries

Time limit of 10 minutes

4 colors of letters

10 background colors

Duplicate Hungarian number plates, non-original font
Price 80 UAH
350 UAH
  • Price per set - 550 UAH
  • Hungarian autonomer.
  • Aluminum, letters are extruded.
  • Coating: film with light reflection.
  • Size: 520x112 mm.
Duplicate Hungarian number plates, original font
Price 80 UAH
500 UAH
  • Price per set - 650 UAH
  • Hungarian autonomer.
  • Aluminum, letters are extruded.
  • Size: 520x112 mm.
  • Font: the original European font.
Duplicate Hungarian red transit number
Price 80 UAH
350 UAH
  • Price per set - 550 UAH
  • Hungarian autonomer.
  • Material: aluminum 1 mm
  • Size: 520x112 mm.
  • Coating: film with light reflection
Hungary number on European motorcycle
Price 80 UAH
450 UAH
  • Price per set - 50 UAH
  • Copies of Hungarian Moto number plates.
  • Aluminum, letters embossed, reflective background.
  • Size: 220x174 mm.
  • Font: standard, non-original.
Hungarian American Euro Number
Price 80 UAH
550 UAH
  • Price per set - 50 UAH
  • Norm 2006, No. 109-4138.
  • Years of issue 2009
  • Font: standard font, Latin.
  • Reflective background

Work samples

Hungarian number plates, duplicates
To order a similar
Hungarian car number plates, standard font
To order a similar
Hungarian number plates on the car with the old flag, transit number plates
To order a similar
Hungarian transit autoniers for a car with the old flag, set
To order a similar
Hungarian car number plates with old flag
To order a similar
Hungarian car number plates with old flag
To order a similar

Questions and answers

  • How to order the duplicate of license plate

    To make a duplicate of license plates in our company, only provide us with:

    • a copy of the registration certificate;
    • a copy of your passport (1st and 2nd pages with registration) or a copy of the “Driver's license” (for Ukrainian registration);
    • a copy of the power of attorney in the case of driving by trust.

    Copies can be sent via Viber, e-mail, or personally brought to the office.

    To take your order remotely from out of town we need to receive the document copies above.

    The time of license plates production is 10 minutes or some more.

  • Is it legal to duplicate the license plates?

    In Ukraine, the production of license plates is not licensed.

    But there is an optional certification of license plate manufacturers. Our production is certified according to the state standards: DSTU 3650-2004 and DSTU 3650-2012. Thus, you can be 100% certain that the license plates produced by us correspond to the state standard, i.e. are absolutely legal. They have the security hologram features and a stamp of factory-manufacturer on their cover.

    According to the DSTU 3650 requirements, we also provide 2-year warranty for our production. You can see our manufacturer certificate on our website.

  • Why do we need copies of client's documents (e.g., registration certificate or driver's license)

    We carry out our activities legally, according to the regulatory documentation defining this field of activity.

    Each license plate that we produced has the security hologram features and a stamp of factory-manufacturer on its cover.

    In a case the license plates were used for criminal purposes, the police can contact us.

    Therefore, we must present the documents which were the basis to produce the license plate, i.e. we must show the copies of the registration certificate and other client's identification documents.

  • What is the penalty stipulated for the lack of a license plate?

    Using a vehicle without a license plate is prohibited. Failure to do so constitutes grounds for the imposition of a fine equal to ten tax-exempt minimum incomes or 170 UAH.

  • What are the warranties to get your license plate?

    We have been working since 2008. We are one from the leaders on the market for the production of car license plates.

    Our production is certified in accordance with DSTU 3650-2004 and DSTU 3650-2012. You can see the certificate on our website, or we can send it to you by Viber.

    Our website contains more than 1000 photographs of samples of finished works. See the Product Samples.

    See also the Feedbacks section on our website.

    By the request of the client, we can organize a video tour on our production.

    We will send you a photo of the finished license plate, so you can pay for the order after that.

    Finally, you can always pay for your order only after receiving it with the New Post Service.

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Relevant documents

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