American number plates for European countries in 10 minutes

Our company has been manufacturing duplicate license plates for more than a year, and we are pleased to inform you that it is now possible to manufacture a square number of an American format for a car from any European country in Ukraine. No more long procedures with the restoration of Number plate: no need to lose a lot of time and money.

With duplicates of American number plates made in our company, you prevent the theft or loss of original number plates. Simply install pre-made duplicates in place of the original license plates.

The foreign number on the American car, made in our company, is as identical as possible to the native license plate, although it will differ from the original, therefore it can be used only under the personal responsibility of the customer.

Foreign American square number plates are made on a reflective plate of 305x154 mm.

The standard font of Ukraine, Latin, of the following sizes is used: 40 mm above and 58 mm below.

Also for the Baltic square number plates the US font in the center can be used.

Flag and stickers will be pasted.


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Hungarian American Euro Number

Hungarian American Euro Number

  • Norm 2006, No. 109-4138.
  • Years of issue 2009
  • Font: standard font, Latin.
  • Reflective background
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Norm 2006, No. 109-4138.
Years of issue 2009
Aluminum, letters are extruded
The size is 305x154 mm.
Font: standard font, Latin.
Reflective background
The flag on the left is printed.
Production time: 20 min.
1шт. - 500 UAH. 2шт. (комплект) - 0 UAH.

American euro number of Hungary.

The number is made of aluminum, the letters are extruded.

Surface of the Number plates: reflective.

Plate size: 305x154 mm.

Font: standard font of Ukraine, Latin.

Character size above: 40 mm

Character size below: 58 mm.

The flag on the left is pasted.

The warranty on the license plate is 2 years.

The procedure for ordering the American euro number in Hungary :

  • Take a photograph of the registration certificate on both sides and a driver's license (you can passport).
  • Send these photos to Viber (WhatsApp) +38 (097) 001 10 07 , e-mail: , or transfer to our office.
  • We make a Number plates in 5 minutes
  • You get the number: In the office or we send New Mail or courier delivery.
  • Pay on Receipt or by bank details.

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