Making a number on a motorcycle of Hungary in Kiev in 5 minutes is real

As with any vehicle, a state number must be installed on the motorcycle. So why do motorcycles and mopeds so often ride without license plates? There may be several reasons.

Unreliable license plates on motorcycles and mopeds are often lost.

Finally, motorcycle number plates simply wear out, scratch and eventually become unreadable.

If you bought a motorcycle with Hungarian number plates or came from Hungary to Ukraine for a while, then even the banal loss of a plate or damage to Hungarian license plates in a minor accident can be a real problem for a motorcycle owner with a foreign registration.

Native motonomer supplied with watermarks and a hologram sticker, so you can only restore the original Hungarian number plates in Hungary.

On a motorcycle without number plates you will not get far. Riding without registration signs threatens with a fine.

You can try to restore a damaged or old license plate yourself. But such methods work poorly - the reflective film is damaged, the paint peels off very soon and flies away.

Some prefer to order duplicates of plastic motonomers. Making plastic number plates is cheaper, but such plates are short-lived.

Where you can quickly make a quality duplicate number on a motorcycle

Forget about artisanal restoration. It is better to immediately make a duplicate of the minynomer on the motikitsikl - it will look fine on the technique. The procedure of restoring the number on a motorcycle is not related to contacting the traffic police, you do not have to spend several days collecting documents, submitting an application, etc.

It is possible to make a reduced motor-meter in our company. To do this, you need to send a message through any popular messenger to the number +38 (097) 001 10 07 or a letter to the e-mail: . Attach to the message:

  • Scan / photograph of the passport on both sides.
  • Photo of driver's license.

For ready-made Number plate you can call in our Kiev office in Podol.

If you are not in the capital, indicate in the message the delivery method by New Mail on an advance payment, or cash on delivery (+30 UAH.). Tomorrow you will be able to pick up a new number plate in the post office of your city.

For a small amount of money, in the shortest possible time you will receive a beautiful and high-quality duplicate of the motonomer.


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Hungary number on European motorcycle

Hungary number on European motorcycle

  • Copies of Hungarian Moto number plates.
  • Aluminum, letters embossed, reflective background.
  • Size: 220x174 mm.
  • Font: standard, non-original.
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To register and get a discount
Copies of Hungarian Moto number plates.
Aluminum, letters embossed, reflective background.
The flag on the left is pasted.
Warranty: 2 years.
Size: 220x174 mm.
Font: standard, non-original.
Production time: 5 min.
1шт. - 400 UAH. 2шт. (комплект) - 0 UAH.

Duplicate number plates Hungary on a motorcycle, standard font.

Character size above: 40 mm

Character size below: 58 mm.

The number is made of aluminum, the letters are extruded.

Surface of the Number plates: reflective.

Flag stuck.

Plate size: 220x174 mm.

The warranty on the license plate is 2 years.

The procedure for ordering a duplicate of the number of Hungary on a European motorcycle :

  • Take a photograph of the registration certificate on both sides and a driver's license (you can passport).
  • Send these photos to Viber (WhatsApp) +38 (097) 001 10 07 , e-mail: , or transfer to our office.
  • We make a Number plates in 5 minutes
  • You get the number: In the office or we send New Mail or courier delivery.
  • Pay on Receipt or by bank details.

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