Stamp the license plates like hot cakes:autonumber of all types for 5 minutes!

The license plate may be damaged in an accident, or be lost in transit, if it is badly fixed. License plates may become unusable due to severe abrasions, paint peeling. And what if the numbers were stolen? According to statistics, 70% of drivers face similar problems.

Restoration of state. numbers in the traffic police - the process is long, and takes a lot of effort: application for re-registration, collection of necessary documents, payment of fees. Time goes by, the car is standing, you are nervous.

We propose to forget about this bureaucratic red tape and use the service of making duplicate numbers for a car. We can make a duplicate of any number in just 5 minutes, starting from the black numbers of the USSR, ending with American car numbers and new numbers with a blue bar on the left DSTU 3650-2015g.

No opportunity to come to our office? Do not question - take a picture or scan the vehicle's certificate and your driver's license. Send photos of any popular instant messenger to the number +380960077775. Tomorrow you can pick up duplicate numbers on the mail.

Rogue number, standard, foreign exotica,number for a baby stroller: we manufacture everything

The production of registration numbers in our company is carried out officially, on certified equipment. The finished car numbers comply with GOST standards, they have three degrees of protection - two rows of holograms and a manufacturer's stamp on the back of the registration plate.

Here you can order:

Beautiful number on the car: alphabetic or nominal numbers.

Foreign numbers of cars: euromanera, Lithuanian numbers, Polish numbers, autonomer of the CIS, American state. numbers.

Non-standard license plates: volunteer numbers, old numbers of cars, an autonomus of a tractor, numbers for the loader, souvenir numbers, military license plates.

We also manufacture numbers for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, mini-rooms, Soviet car numbers.

You do not need to wait, make copies of a whole bunch of documents, write an application, issue a re-registration, just contact us. The cost of one plate - 250 UAH., Two plates will cost 400 UAH. Hurry to take advantage of the promotional offer: 450 UAH. For an American number!

Why is it necessary to order the production of rooms from us?

We are manufacturers - production time from 5 minutes.

Certified production in accordance with DSTU 3650: 2004 and 3650: 2012 (new numbers)

Reliability and experience. We have been working since 2008, we have manufactured more than 30,000 numbers.

European quality. We use the equipment and consumables of the European manufacturer UTAL.

We have competitive prices and stocks always work.

We manufacture all car numbers of Ukraine in accordance with GOST standards

Remote order autonomer - save time and money.

We provide a 2-year warranty on all products - we return money in 100% volume, if something does not suit you. We work throughout Ukraine: we will deliver your order to any city of Ukraine within 24 hours.

Catch luck with the tail: a whole bouquet of discounts

Do you want to save on making car numbers? Choose from the list of delicious additional bonuses, or use all the offers at once to get a mega-discount:

Order first! Order in 3 minutes and get 3% discount.

Leave a photo-review on our website and get another 3% discount.

Tell your friends about us on Facebook, get another 3% discount.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch useful videos, put likes, share with friends, and get an EVERYTHING 3% discount!

Order the production of the number from us and use a regular discount on subsequent orders. European quality, the guarantee of a certified manufacturer, the optimal price-quality ratio - only with us.

How to order and receive your order: from 5 minutes to one day

Send photos of documents by Whatsup, Viber or Telegram to +380960077775 or by email to In the message, specify the delivery method:

self-delivery in Kiev on Podol;

free delivery by New Mail in Ukraine.

You can pay for the order:

cash on delivery;

cash on delivery of non-bank credit (+30 UAH);

in the bank Privat24 on the requisites.

After the order is accepted, you will receive a message on the Weber or SMS with the number of the carrier's declaration.


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Super offer: "License plate number from 200 UAH + special Gift from the Company"

Time before the offer end:

The duplicate cost 300 249UAH.

When buying a set of number plates by State Standards 3650-2004, 2015

Half price delivery by Nova Poshta

10% discount on frames and key chain for a number plate

License Plates Production за 5 minutes

Certified production of license plates since 2008


Order your plate online

The production time is 5 minutes!

Cars, trucks and trailers
  • Price per set - 400 UAH.
  • Autonomer type 1 GOST 2004-2011
  • duplicate the number of car GOST 2004
  • GOST 3650:2012
  • Size 520х112мм.
The number of the new sample GOST 2015-year. Blue flag.
  • Price per set - 400 UAH.
  • Years of release: 2015-
  • Coating: film with light reflection, protective holograms
  • Size 520x112mm.
  • Production time: from 5 minutes
American number of the new 2015g.
  • Price per set - 900 UAH.
  • DSTU 3650: 2012 rev. 2015
  • Years of issue 2015-
  • Security Holograms
  • Reflective background
Non-standard Named Number.
  • Price per set - 4500 UAH.
  • DSTU 3650: 2012 rev. 2015
  • Years of issue 2015-
  • Security Holograms
  • Reflective background
PLate Number for the motorcycle of new sample 2015
  • DSTU 3650: 2012
  • Years of issue 2015-
  • Security Holograms
  • Reflective background
Trailer Number plates
  • DSTU 3650: 1997
  • Years of issue 1997-2004
  • Security Holograms
  • Reflective background
Budget duplicate of Euronomers: Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, etc.
  • Price per set - 450 UAH.
  • EU number plates: Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek, Polish, etc.
  • EU number plates
Children's mini number plates on a carriage and bicycle up to 6 letters
  • Price per set - 280 UAH.
  • Font: standard of Ukraine
  • Aluminum
  • Letters are embossed
  • Size 320x77mm.
Keychain number plates
  • Keychain number plates for car keys
  • Size: 52х12 mm
  • Scope: a copy of the license plate on the car in scale 1:10
  • Material: all metal, durable

Production in compliance with Ukrainian standards 3650:2004 and 3650:2012


We have been working for 10 years and has produced more than 40,000 rooms

High Quality

Use accessories and supplies European manufacturer of UTAL


Time limit of 10 minutes


10 blank templates, embossed letters, 50 types of number plates, 10 types of fonts, 6 colors of painting, 3 levels of protection

Get your room today

Questions and answers

  • How to order the duplicate of license plate

    To make a duplicate of license plates in our company, only provide us with:

    • a copy of the registration certificate;
    • a copy of your passport (1st and 2nd pages with registration) or a copy of the “Driver's license” (for Ukrainian registration);
    • a copy of the power of attorney in the case of driving by trust.

    Copies can be sent via Viber, e-mail, or personally brought to the office.

    To take your order remotely from out of town we need to receive the document copies above.

    The time of license plates production is 10 minutes or some more.

  • Is it legal to duplicate the license plates?

    In Ukraine, the production of license plates is not licensed.

    But there is an optional certification of license plate manufacturers. Our production is certified according to the state standards: DSTU 3650-2004 and DSTU 3650-2012. Thus, you can be 100% certain that the license plates produced by us correspond to the state standard, i.e. are absolutely legal. They have the security hologram features and a stamp of factory-manufacturer on their cover.

    According to the DSTU 3650 requirements, we also provide 2-year warranty for our production. You can see our manufacturer certificate on our website.

  • Why do we need copies of client's documents (e.g., registration certificate or driver's license)

    We carry out our activities legally, according to the regulatory documentation defining this field of activity.

    Each license plate that we produced has the security hologram features and a stamp of factory-manufacturer on its cover.

    In a case the license plates were used for criminal purposes, the police can contact us.

    Therefore, we must present the documents which were the basis to produce the license plate, i.e. we must show the copies of the registration certificate and other client's identification documents.

  • What is the penalty stipulated for the lack of a license plate?

    Using a vehicle without a license plate is prohibited. Failure to do so constitutes grounds for the imposition of a fine equal to ten tax-exempt minimum incomes or 170 UAH.

  • How is the decoration of the room

    We have been working since 2008 and are among the leaders in the market for the production of autonumbers.

    Our production is certified in accordance with DSTU 3650-2004 and DSTU 3650-2012. The certificate can be seen on our website, or we can send it to you on Viber.

    Our site contains about 1000 photographs of samples of finished works. See Product Samples.

    See also the Reviews section on our website.

    At the request of the client, we can organize a video tour of our production.

    We will send you a photo of the finished number, after which you can pay for the order.

    Finally, you can always pay for your order only after receiving it at New Mail.

How do we work?

The design of the application

Call or order online


Cash or card via website or cash on delivery


Room for 5 min.


Online ordering with delivery in 3 hours or polucheny rooms in the office

Relevant documents

or passport

Technical passport

Work samples

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