DSTU 3650. Layout number plates type1

GOST 3650. Individual number on the machine Type7-1

DSTU 3650. The font on the license plate type7.

GOST 3650. Font of letters on the number


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Name number, up to 8 characters.

Name number, up to 8 characters.
  • Currently 5.22/10

  • DSTU 3650: 2012 rev. 2015
  • Years of issue 2015-
  • Security Holograms
  • Reflective background
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DSTU 3650: 2012 rev. 2015
Years of issue 2015-
Aluminum, letters are extruded
The size is 520x112 mm.
Security Holograms
Reflective background
Souvenir blank
Price2600 UAH for 1 pcs , 2600 UAH for pair

Name number, up to 8 characters.
Each number can be one in this region of Ukraine.
License plates of this type in the GOST of Ukraine are designated type 7.

They were issued for vehicles from 2015 onwards.

On the left, the region code is required.

Each number plate has a number of UA holograms on top and a lower hologram from the Kievznavk manufacturer.
The surface of the Number plates is reflective.

Ordering procedure Name number, up to 8 characters:

  • Provide a notarized power of attorney for the right to represent the interests of the client in the MSC of the MIF for securing the nominal number. Sample will provide.
  • Provide copies of the technical passport, passport, code.
  • We make a Number plates in 2-4 weeks
  • You receive a nominal number and a letter from the GSC to assign you an individual number.
  • You apply to the TSC of MVS (MREO) and do the procedure for replacing the Technical Passport.
  • After replacing the Technical Passport, a note about the nominal number will appear in it.

Attention: This product is a souvenir product, which with its elements can imitate license plates, but is not them.

A souvenir number is not a replacement for a registration number with a motor vehicle and cannot be used instead.

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