DSTU 3650. Model number type5-2

GOST 3650. Autonumber Type1

DSTU 3650. Arrangement of protective elements.

GOST 3650. Number plate holograms Type 1

DSTU 3650. Number plate font type5.

GOST 3650. Number plate holograms Type 1


license plates in Ukraine every day lost or damaged


car numbers lost


damaged in an accident and the remaining license plates on the car are lost as a result of theft of car license plates

Number for an electric motorcycle, green, 2019

Number for an electric motorcycle, green, 2019
  • Currently 2.50/10

  • DSTU 3650: 2019
  • Years of issue from 2020
  • Security holograms
  • Reflective background
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DSTU 3650: 2019
Years of issue from 2020
Aluminum, letters are embossed
Size 220x174mm.
Security holograms
Reflective background
Warranty: 2 years
Production time: 5 min.
Price450 UAH for 1 pcs

Number for an electric motorcycle, green color for painting letters and numbers of the new standard GOST DSTU 3650: 2019, which was released in March 2020.
On the left - a yellow-blue flag with a trident at the top and the inscription UA at the bottom.
License plates of this type in GOST of Ukraine designate type 5-2.

Issued for motor vehicles on electric traction since 2020.

Each license plate has a number of UA holograms on top and a lower hologram of the Kievznak manufacturer.
The surface of the room is reflective.
License plate warranty - 2 years.

Ordering procedure Number for a motorcycle with an electric motor of the new model of 2019:

  • Take a photo of the registration certificate on both sides and the driver's license (you can have a passport).
  • Send these photos to Viber (WhatsApp) +38 (097) 001 10 07 , emeil info@kievznak.com or send them to our office.
  • We make a number in 5 minutes
  • You get a number: At the office or we send by New Mail or courier delivery.
  • You pay upon receipt or using bank details.

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